Apologies for the long post but this is a detailed “How To/DIY Guide” to getting BoA stock. If you want to attend/send a proxy, (although I cannot guarantee 100% that it’s not too late) you MUST begin your transaction today and Monday!! A big thanks to Jordan Estevao of NPA (the inside bottomliner from last year’s BoA meeting) who’s guide from last year helped me to put this together!

WANT TO ATTEND OR DONATE A PROXY THE BANK OF AMERICA SHAREHOLDER MEETINGS IN MAY without worrying about finding a proxy donor? You likely are at the eleventh hour for buying BoA shares. HERE IS THE GUIDE TO BUYING STOCK FOR BoA. It may appear daunting at first but actually it’s somewhat easy to set-up just follow EVERY step!

FYI: this is NOT an endorsement for purchasing stock, Scottrade, or TradeKing- simply a “how to guide” using Scottrade and TradeKing as an example!

1. BANK OF AMERICA go to: Per last year the deadline was March 14 to own stock, so you MUST purchased stock on MONDAY LATEST because that INCLUDES an industry-standard maximum 3 business day waiting period for everything to settle on both ends:

DUKE ENERGY: Bad news- It MAY be too late unless they plan on having a later-than-usual annual meeting this year. BUT your best last-chance would be to set up a trading account and wire funds FIRST THING ON MONDAY, MARCH 4 with an online broker like Scottrade or TradeKing (personal broker may even be better if you have that sorta thing lol)! THERE IS NO GUARANTEE: Chances are the deadline may be too late for DUKE ENERGY because that process an standard maximum 3 business day waiting period: for the trade to settle. The deadline per last year was March 5:

I’d call Duke Energy Investor relations MONDAY MORNING to verify before buying (unless you don’t mind the risk waiting another year or selling share back and loosing a little): 1-800-488-3853 Of course you can always sell the stock and get most of the $$ back minus transaction fee so this is not a totally risky proposition. MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY THE MINIMUM SHARES OF STOCK required to attend when you call. I have no prior experience with Duke Energy shareholding but I have heard from several sources that the minimum to attend is three shares.

2. BANK OF AMERICA: per step 1, as of now (March 2) there is no “2013 Proxy Statement” available to view. This is a good thing- it means that it is likely not too late to purchase new stock. They typically post the statement when it’s too late to buy (surprise!)

3. Set-up an account at Scottrade or Trade King etc. FIRST THING ON MON. MARCH 4, or you can even start Sunday. Scottrade has a set-up that will allow you to instantly log onto your bank account and put forward a request to purchase shares immediately. This MAY not work with credit union banks but it’s worth a try. Plan B would be to wire funds TradeKing may take until mid-next-business day.

SCOTTTRADE: Here is the link for Scottrade. Read the questions carefully and select “individual Account” to make things simple. The cost for one Scottrade online transaction/purchase is $7. The fee to have a personal assisted transaction is $32

Link to application:|37|306|18

TRADEKING: Here is the link to TradeKing. It may be quickest to wire funds from your bank account which should post in 24 hrs: The cost for an online transaction for TradeKing is $4.95 This is less than Scottrade, however Scottrade has the added “benefit” of having in-person offices throughout the country.

4. Answer all of the questions in the application at Scottrade or TradeKing trutfully (just sayin’). There may be “margin” or “option” questions- just select “no” to save time. You can change this later. Scottrade may ask you a question it has obtained from your info at a major credit rating agency so don’t be alarmed- this a security measure should not post as a “hard inquiry” .

5. Here’s the most tedious part- FUNDING YOUR ACCOUNT. You gotta have funds in your account to buy stock right? In the interest of time Wiring may be quickest for TradeKing (you must select wiring funds as soon as you pass the main part of application) Here are the main options:


Per Scottrade

“You can wire funds from any financial institution. Transfers are typically same day, but it may take up to 24 hours before the funds are available. You’ll need to provide the following information to your bank:

US Bank

721 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63101

ABA Number 081000210 (international institutions use SWIFT code USBKUS44IMT)

Scottrade Account 1001086162

Scottrade Address: P.O. Box 31759, St. Louis, MO 63131-0759

Further credit to: Provide your Scottrade account number and name”


Here is a link to the wiring document from TradeKing to bring to your bank. This should typically post within 24 hrs. (Of course this will incur a wiring fee you’re your bank..unless they are unusually awesome for a bank)

b. MONEYDIRECT via Scottrade:

Scottrade has something called “Money Direct” which directly links to many banks and provides practically instant transaction. However it requires a remote log-in to your bank account through the site. If you feel uncomfortable with this there are other options like option a. wiring . It is also cheaper than wiring funds. Just putting this out there.

c. Bring certified $$ to Scottrade Branch: if you live near a local office, you can bring a certified check or money order to fund your account. Not sure if there is an extra fee for this.

6. Check the following business day ASAP to see if your funds have posted (unless you chose MoneyDirect from Scottrade- in that case you should see funds within the same day) by logging on to your broker (Scottrade, tradeKing, etc) account.

7. As soon as the funds are posted in your online broker account, go to your member screen and look up “Bank of America” in the trading area. Their NYSE symbol is BAC. BoA stock has been going for around $11-$12 so if you can afford to buy two or three shares it may be good to have that buffer.

8. Purchase the BAC (BoA) stock. Make sure you click on every prompt. Remember- you can’t do this until your trading account has posted funds!

9. (if you have TradeKing skip to #10) Scottrade has an extra requirement to submit a personal signature once you have opened your account. Bring it to your local office or fax/scan it in ASAP:

10. Wait 2-3 business days. Check your account online then call them to double check WHEN it will be settled:

Scottrade # 1-800-619-7283

TradeKing # 1-877-495-5464

It is possible to buy a share for someone else. An organization may choose to do this for its members. In order to send a proxy, as soon as the proxy statement is up, follow the proxy guide to a “T”

You should only use the share to attend the meeting. Although there will be voting on issues at the meeting, you should not got involved in this. The rules for this are very complicated and provide all sorts of traps the company can use to keep you out. Make it clear you just want to attend the meeting and not vote.
YOU MUST PRINT OUT YOUR STOCK OWNERSHIP INFO FROM YOUR BROKER SITE. If you cannot find this please call them while you are logged on and let them walk you to it. Print and carry 3 copies! If you are a proxy have proxy materials make sure they are all in hand!
Do not carry anything more than what you need to the meeting.
The company may try different tricks to keep you out. The best way to deal with this (once you have done everything listed above) is:
Get there an hour early. That gives you time to deal with any bogus challenges to your admission and also to make sure they don’t fill up the room in advance with their supporters, leaving you in an overflow room watching a video feed.
As much as possible, try to look like you belong there. Of course, not all of us fit the profile of big bankers. But unless there is a specific plan to do something like all wear t-shirts, you are more likely to get in if you dress up.

BEST OF LUCK! We’ll follow up on the dates very soon!
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