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59 responses to Events

  1. Looks like I may have to miss this one. Something came up at the last minute.

  2. I’ll try my best to be there. This will be my first meeting. Looking forward to providing my input.

  3. I plan on being there!!

  4. I will be at all the scheduled events.

  5. I’ll see everyone at Thruway Plaza!!

  6. The solidarity march with Charlotte is going to be crazy awesome. I am really looking forward to going and participating.

  7. Does anyone need a ride to Greensboro tonight? I’ll be leaving from Winston @ 5:00 tonight.

  8. For all members of Occupy Winston-Salem concerned about Duke Energy’s monopoly in North Carolina, check out this official ruling by the FERC regarding Duke Energy’s proposed merger with Progress Energy. Please note Paragraph 7, where it states that Duke Energy’s Ohio customers have the right to purchase energy from other providers under the state’s restructuring statute. Perhaps this would be a good law for the NC General Assembly to adopt. Occupy Winston-Salem could adopt this proposal as part of its legislative agenda:

  9. I’m in. Looking forward to meeting new peeps and finding out how I can be helpful.
    Fairly bourgeois spot for a meeting, eh? (Sorry, Jim! :)

  10. Awesome! Could an official event for his be made on Facebook? Also, could suggestions for parking be listed just to dot i’s…

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