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November 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

EVERYONE please stop and take the time to sign this petition and read primer below:

Occupy Winston-Salem is teaming up with Alianza, NC Student Power Union, NC State Greens, peeps from the Moral Monday Movement, farm labor activists and others to GET David Powers and ALEC corporate-funded interests OUT of the UNC SYSTEM BOARD OF GOVERNORS.

David Powers is a VP for Reynolds American, a recent national level Treasurer for ALEC’s corporate board, and a board member for Real Jobs NC (an Art Pope funded Political Action Committee). Let’s also not forget that Reynolds American profits from horrific farm labor abuse:

Since his appointment to the UNC Board, David Powers has made it HIS job to help spearhead the abolition of tuition rate hike caps (resulting in system-wide 9-12% tuition hikes.. and more to come!), the reduction of required financial aid allotments, and making recommendations for shaping the UNC System curriculum from a public to a far more private (i.e. corporate) controlled (yet publicly-subsidized) curriculum. That means humanities, history, philosophy, the arts and other programs that help us to become independent thinkers and fuller human beings are in dire jeopardy

Our response is that we’ve got to KICK OUT the Powers that be- we don’t need a tobacco industry lobbyist screwing NC higher education to the wall!

Please not only SIGN this petition but get TEN of your like-minded peeps to stop this madness! This will be distributed at every monthly BOG meeting until Powers resigns!

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