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December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

 SUNDAY 2-4ish:  Planning meeting to prepare for Mon. City Council Meeting and other actions

Sunday general assembly and planning meetings will now begin at 2PM (not 3 pm)

Join us this Sunday Dec. 16 from 2-4 at the COMMUNITY ARTS CAFÉ for a planning session for the Dec. 17 City Council meeting Our goal is to have a comprehensive list of arguments presented to the City Council to pass a resolution against the 2010 Supreme Court ruling and in support of a constutional amendment that clarifies the Bill of Rights as only applicable to NATURAL persons and not large corporations. We are going to discuss our strategy and other actions that may happen before the holidays. 

 Dec. 17 City Council Meeting (Citizens United Resolution) and after-meeting get-together.

Join Democracy NC, Occupy, and several other organizations, concerned residents, and activists on Monday Dec. 17 7 pm (PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!) as we make our first formal petition before the City Council urging them to pass a resolution against Citizens United! The City Council Meeting will be held at City Hall (101 N Main St.) right across Main St. from the big Wells Fargo building J 

After this event we will have an Anniversary get-together most likely at Mellow Mushroom or a similar downtown establishment. (according to the forecasts chances are there will be rain so an outdoor event may not happen… but stay tuned!)

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