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#M17 Let’s Celebrate 6 months of Occupy Wall St.!!

March 17, 2012 in News

Come one, come all and celebrate with us downtown. Sept. 17 is the day it all began in Zucotti Park, n’ believe it er not, we’re already half-way around the calendar year!

Occupy Winston will have an info table at 4th and Trade (Civic Park) from around noon until 5- however this will only be “home base” as we will have petition and flyer-passing teams going around town, a 6′ 5″ Leprechaun on the run from greedy investors and other fun activities!

We will have several petitions and can do some mini-crash-study sessions/mock petitioning if you wanna get yer feet wet before petitioning or flyering.

Please, come by the table or call and we will update you on where different petition teams are going. Come when you can n’ for as long as you can. ALL HANDS ON DECK!!

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