January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

What an incredible week for Occupy Winston! We’ve been in the media nearly every day and have generated an important buzz about our movement. We need to end this string of events strong, which means showing up at 6:30pm at City Hall tomorrow, and bring a friend! The details of the event are listed under events (to the right); please send this to everyone you know, and be sure we keep punching away at the petition that we will hand to the city council tomorrow night! Occupy Chapel Hill joined us tonight with Dan Besse (as well as lots of media) and we expect Occupy Durham tomorrow night.

In the meantime, look at the earlier post that has the contact info for all the city council members and mayor, and call and email them in opposition to any change in the free speech ordinances currently in place! This is the last chance prior to the vote tomorrow night. Councilman Besse said he received only one dozen comments about his resolution that will curtail our right to public forum on city hall property! Outrageous! Call now.

Here’s the link for the petition:




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