Walkupy Dec 31, 2011

December 24, 2011 in News

We are planning to be a part of Walkupy as they travel through our area. Below I will post the email I sent them and the response I received.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Ethan Smith

Date: Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Subject: Walkupy in Winston-Salem

To: contact@walkupy.org

Cc: a_thomas_57@yahoo.com

To Whom It May Concern;

I am a member of Occupy Winston-Salem and am seeking information from you folks about your scheduled arrival in Winston. We established a working group for this event, and a man by the name of Thomas Garner is supposed to be getting in touch with you guys in order to help facilitate planning between you and us; however, as time is very short, I thought I would go ahead and contact you as well.

I have several questions that we need to have answered;

Do you folks have any plans for what to do in Winston and how you are going to do it?

How many folks do you have?
What are the approximate times for arriving and departing?

Do you already have a chosen route (into and out of Winston)?

Since we had not already spoken with you folks about it, we are planning a several things. We need to know from you ASAP to make sure we are on track:

We are attempting to locate a suitable place for you guys to camp (again, how many will there be?)
We are working on cooking meals during your stay

We are planning a parade/march to accompany you into and out of Winston.


Ethan Smith

Walkupy Mobile Occupation Headquarters walkupation@gmail.com

12:30 PM (30 minutes ago)

to me

Thanks Ethan,

You may get more than one response from us also. This is Garth writing here. I do finance and web administration for Walkupy. To answer your questions:

Plans for WInston-Salem are uncertain.

We will have 15-20 walkers.

We should arrive in the late afternoon on Dec 31st and leave by 9AM on the morning of Jan 2nd.

The exact route in and out of the city is not finalized.

About your plans……

A camping spot would be great. We are looking for a place that is suitable for holding a New Years Eve party where we would invite area Occupations. We will not publish the address but rather give it out individually to anyone who calls asking for it. The location does not necessarily have to be “legal”. If we don’t have official permission to be there then it will just have to be somewhat hidden from the road or inhabited structures. If you do not know of a suitable location then we will send our scouts ahead to look for a place.

Meals would of course be…..awesome!

An entrance and exit march would also be awesome.

Thanks Ethan. My number is 618-***-****. Call anytime.


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