12/3 GA Mtg & Homeless Children’s Parade

December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanx to all who attended a lively GA meeting Sat; including many first time attendees who contributed several new exciting ideas and avenues to explore. Highlights included:

  • Consensus to rescind our request to the city for a physical Occupy location
  • Consensus to explore other Occupy options; including selected 24 hr occupies
  • Consensus to email WSJ re a restatement of our position on several key issues
  • Formulation of a group to look at ways to have OW-S help with local foreclosures

Please read more in the GA minutes summary


We also had 25+ members join in the parade to support homeless children. Despite some noteworthy obstacles, we were able to provide support, raise awareness and contribute a bountiful donation!

Please read more at the link below for a parade recap & commentary


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