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No Protest Today

October 11, 2011 in News

There has been some confusion about our first demonstrations that I’ll quickly clear up.

  1. There is no official protest downtown today. This evening we encourage anyone who can to head to Charlotte to speak with Duke Energy about their proposed 18% rate increase. With many city offices closed yesterday, we were unable to get everything we needed done.
  2. There will be a protest at the Stratford Road Bank of America branch on Sunday at 11am, provided all our paperwork gets in. More protests are being planned for next week as well. We will announce when everything is nailed down.
  3. We will send out an official press release to formally announce our plans as soon as the details are solidified.

2 responses to No Protest Today

  1. When we read in the local Journal last week that a protest was being planned for this Sunday, my wife and I wondered “what time.” I’m disappointed to see Occupy Winston-Salem scheduling the protest for the very hour that we and hundreds of others can’t be there, because it’s the typical “church time.” We’d really love to participate, but scheduling it for 11 a.m on Sunday sort of sends the (unintentional, I’m sure) message that you don’t welcome people of faith who have a commitment on Sunday morning. We and many other people of faith exercise that faith with a foot firmly planted in social justice as well. I hope you’ll organize future events to more fully include us.

    • Thank you for your comment, Michael. We had a majority decision on the time for our first event. We have many other events in the works to accommodate different schedules and needs.

      We will be at Bank of American on Sunday until 2pm. Feel free to come after church lets out if that’s possible. If not, we’re definitely looking at other options for people with other schedules.

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