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The Winston-Salem Journal’s Facebook Question of the Day

October 8, 2011 in News

“What do you think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has now spread to other cities, including Winston-Salem and Greensboro?”
Let’s tell ‘em how we feel.

6 responses to The Winston-Salem Journal’s Facebook Question of the Day

  1. Here’s why/how protesters can use the bathroom at McDonald’s sans hypocrisy:
    The people who actually enjoy the fabulous profit from that McDonald’s rarely/never step foot in the place. The people who actually do the work in that McDonald’s (fry the burgers, help customers, clean the bathrooms) are in the same boat and share solidarity with the protesters. They don’t have the level of healthcare, living conditions, transportation, and infrastructure that their long hours of work should earn in a more just society.
    And it makes no less sense for a protester to wear the only clothes he/she can afford that have been actually made by an exploited, underpaid Asian kid than it does for an anti-government zealot to wave around the flag, wax eloquent about our military, and cheerlead for continued war in the Middle East.

  2. I agree with Susan and Jon in that we must work within the system in order to change anything. Going back to the woods and starting from the beginning will not change anything. As one of the 99% I am interested in getting jobs back home for our citizens to earn a living. I am interested in affordable not government health care. I am interested in ending an unpopular war and bringing our military back home to their families where they can, too, find a job and lead a productive life. I am interested in taking back the political system that funds greedy corporations. I believe that each of us should have the opportunity to achieve their own version of the proverbial American dream. There are too many citizens of our country who believed that education and hard work were the answer only to be sold out to corporations who took their work and profits to another country. We are the consumers who purchase the products and put our hard earned money back into the economy, we are entitled to get a return on our investment.

  3. Leroy,
    I respectfully, yet strongly, disagree with the majority of what you have said. To not use the services would be to say that we do not want OR NEED them. We do, we simply do not want to pay an unfair amount of money for these services. We do not agree with the corporations actions of taking advantage of us. If a corporation is allowing us to use facilities, and facilitating our ability to demonstrate successfully, then it is foolish for us to deny ourselves this opportunity. The actions of the companies allowing Wall Street Demonstrators to use the restrooms are the kinds of things we want to see. Using our cell phones, and using electricity, are necessities in this day in age.
    If you claim that this is hypocrisy then i would like to ask you exactly how you have posted this article (the internet), how you are running your computer (electricity) and how you heard about this movement (conceivably you’re phone or television).
    On the note of “not talking to corporate TV, radio, and newspaper reporters,” is a self destructive, and movement terminating suggestion. These our the outlets that people hear about our movements through, even if we are misrepresented, we are still represented and the word beings to spread, and as people ask questions the truth of the 99% outcry becomes clear to those individuals.

  4. Very logical too bad those protesters don’t use any.

  5. I notice that the ” Occupy” group in NYC set up generators to provide power for computers to access the internet and for cell phone recharging, and that the participants are using restrooms “at McDonalds and Burger King…”, all services provided by the same greedy corporations you seem to hate. What incredibly selfish hypocracy!

    When you do your protest in W-S, you should refuse ANY use of ANY services provided, made, sold, given by ANY corporation: food, restrooms, electricity, cell phones, computers, newspapers, copy paper, copiers, shoes, water, etc., etc. Be honest and true to your cause: use ONLY products made by yourselves! Don’t talk to corporate TV, radio, and newspaper reporters. They are all from greedy corportions, “profit driven interests,” who only want to make money off the backs of good, honest, misguided people like you!

    • Leroy: In order to create change, one must work within the system that exists. Communication is of the greatest importance for this movement to spread and become strong; therefore we must speak out to the news media to spread our message to others. If one wants to eat or shop downtown, please support our local businesses independent of the corporate monsters. Are you suggesting we turn off our electricity, discard our cell phones, provide ourselves with a personal water source and make our shoes in our backyards? Where would we be then? Change including returning to regulating banks and ceasing war after war in order to pour the military machine profits back into our country are just 2 steps toward taking back our country. I only hope the generators used by the “Occupy” group downtown are made in America.

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