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Occupy Winston-Salem Press Release

October 7, 2011 in News


Marcus Hodges – Communications Working Group member
Occupy Winston-Salem

OCCUPY WINSTON-SALEM: The 99% are Bringing Their Message from Wall Street to Your Street

Winston-Salem, NC; October 7, 2011. On Friday, October 7 at 7:00pm, Occupy Winston-Salem will make its presence known publicly for the first time at Gallery Hop in downtown Winston-Salem, at the corners of 6th and Trade Streets. Members will be on hand to share information, answer questions, and help educate the public on why the group exists and how its message affects 99% of Americans locally and across the country.

The “Occupy” movement started in Zuccotti Park in New York City on September 17 as a reaction to corporate greed and governmental complacence to the common sentiments of its citizens. The movement is unique in that it retains a vibrant tradition of liberty and democracy, relying on the collective voice of the people to guide its principles and actions. Protesters have been camping in the park around the clock with no end-date in sight. The movement has since spread to over 200 cities worldwide, with more communities getting involved daily.

Occupy Winston-Salem recently completed the following Statement of Purpose:

“Occupy Winston-Salem stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the globe as a non-violent, leaderless movement of Americans united to fight the corporate abuse of our democracy, and to take the reins of power away from profit-driven interests and assert our rightful place in the political process. We serve not only as a movement of protest, but as a means to liberate Americans from the shackles of corporate greed. Our members are employed and jobless, liberal and conservative, and comprised of all colors and faiths. We do not exclude anyone, as we are all suffering under the top-heavy power structure of the 1%.”

Some end goals include:

  • A true and fair representation of democracy; of, by, and for The People. Corporations are not people and they do not speak for us
  • The end of the corporatization of our political system
  • An economy that places direct emphasis on building American infrastructure and creating jobs within our borders
  • Equal access to education and healthcare for all Americans
  • Fair lending and banking practices to help increase home ownership and our ability to maintain and pass down wealth

Occupy Winston-Salem invites the public and the media to visit with us this evening at Gallery Hop to exchange ideas in a constructive, non-violent manner. Members will be there until at least 8:30pm.

There will also be a General Assembly, which is a democratic planning and organizational meeting for the group, on Saturday, October 8 at 3pm. The meeting will be held outside of Krankies Coffee at 211 E. 3rd Street in Downtown Winston-Salem. (space permitting – a nearby alternative is available if our numbers outgrow the space).

Please visit us at www.occupywinstonsalem.org or www.facebook.com/occupywsnc for more information.

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  1. Love this press release! Who is the professional writer? I shared this with the Wilmington group. The first GA meeting is tomorrow and many members were reluctant to speak to the media. The Star News ended up writing a much more positive piece than I would ever have imagined but if we had such a brilliant press release who knows how good the article could have been.

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